IRC ImageInternet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the original immediate communication methods on the internet. They served as a model for the well known "chat rooms" that came much later. When connected to an IRC channel, everything you type is propagated to everyone else in the channel. It is an excellent way to get immediate support or just shoot the breeze online.

On occasion PLUG hosts virtual meetings in the channel.

One of our members maintains an IRC channel for PLUG on the Freenode. Point your IRC client at:


Port: 6667

Channel: #plugaz

There are several who are there, seemingly, 24/7. Remember that it is possible that the people connected in the channel may not actually be at their computer. Be patient waiting for a response. If you have specific needs to be addressed, it can be more productive to request help in the email list to meet in the channel at a specific time.

For more basic information about IRC and how to use it, see these links:


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Upcoming Events

PLUG East Meeting
Thu Dec 12 @ 7:00PM
Free Software Stammtisch
Tue Dec 17 @ 7:00PM
Sat Dec 21 @10:00AM
Sat Jan 04 @10:00AM

AzLoCo Events

Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour
Thu Dec 12 @ 6:00PM
Phoenix Ubuntu Hour
Thu Dec 12 @ 7:00PM
AZLOCO Team Meeting
Sun Dec 15 @ 9:00PM
Linux Installfest/Workshop
Sat Dec 21 @10:00AM
Tempe Ubuntu Hour
Thu Dec 26 @ 7:00PM

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