PLUG uses email to communicate with those people who choose to be included in the various discussions.

The way email lists work, is once you have subscribed to a list, you then receive any emails that are sent to the email list, by your or anyone else subscribed.

Email lists are a very important method used to communicate within the group. Conversations, discussions, news and assistance are available in the various email lists.

If you are new to PLUG or Free Software we suggest you join the plug-discuss list.

Please feel free to sign up to any email list that may interest you.

As a courtesy to those uninterested, please do not cross-post items to several lists. That's why we have more than one list.

PLUG archives all messages for viewing on the web. This includes any posts you might make.

The posts are archived for posterity and available to anyone else wanting to read them.

You are able to access the archive for the individual mailing list via a link on the same page that provides for subscription maintenance above.



Announcement List (Subscribe, Unsubscribe or View Archive)

This is an extremely low traffic mailing list.  It is simply used to send out various PLUG related announcements.  If you only want announcements subscribe to this list.  Skip this mailing list if you subscribe to any of our other mailing list as this list also sends to all our other mailing lists.

Discussion List (Subscribe, Unsubscribe or View Archive)

This mailing list is for general discussion, usually talk about GNU/Linux stuff. It is by far the most used list and a major communication channel for the PLUG community. You can usually expect between 5-20 emails per day from this list, more when intense (and sometimes not relevant to GNU/Linux) discussions take place.


The web page for each list enables you to subscribe, unsubscribe, change options or to receive a password reminder.

If you have any problems with subscribing or unsubscribing please send mail via the contact us link on this website. Please do not send "unsubscribe" or other administrative requests to the list; you'll only annoy the other subscribers, who have no way of changing your account.




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Virtual Tempe Ubuntu Hour
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Virtual Linux Installfest/Workshop
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