We have 2 presentations this month from Kaia Taylor and Aaron Jones.

Kaia Taylor
What I've learned setting up a VM environment for pen test practice

  1. Goals of this talk
    • Why I'd like lots of questions and comments
  2. Goals of pen testing
    • Why everyone should be interested in pen testing
    • Overview of security related jobs
    • Overview of certifications
  3. Hosts
    • What I looked at, pros, cons
    • What I ignored, pros, cons
  4. VMs
    • Different Unixes I tested
    • Attempts to use DSL for DDOS simulation
  5. If I could do it again...
  6. What next
Kaia has been working with Unix for about 25 years and is now focused on Unix security patching. Kaia has taught evening Unix classes at South Mountain Community College, and worked at three large companies plus a few smaller ones as a day job. Kaia's certifications include a Masters in Information Science, RHCE, Security+, CISSP. Currently working on GPEN.

Aaron JonesManaging Your Money - The Linux Way

Do you want to learn how to manage your finances using Linux? This talk will cover several command line tools you can use to keep track of your finances as well as introduce a few companies that tout Linux support for their financial products.

Aaron is a frequent flyer at PLUG meetings. He regularly evangelizes the command line interface, loves Linux, and likes FOS-Software. His distributions of choice are Ubuntu and Arch and he uses the I3 WM.
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