This month Phil Waclawski will give us an introduction to Krita and Ed Nicholson will explain DNSSEC and NTPsec

Phil Waclawski: Krita Basics: Tools, Layers, Coloring etc

Krita is a powerful painting program, designed for graphic designers and general artists. I will introduce the basic features it provides, along with some special filters, including G'mic. I will however not be able to demonstrate any artistic skills :)

About Phil:
Phil has been a faculty member, focusing on open source software at MCC for nearly two decades.

Phil teaches a variety of course, including MySQL Database, PHP, Python, Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS, Linux OS, Internet Server Set up and more.

This summer, Phil will once again be offering a "MCC Multimedia Madness" summer camp for 6-8th graders. Over the two weeks I will cover a wide range of open source software, including GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, Audacity, Blender, Hydrogen Drum Kit, Tux Guitar, Openshot, Linux Multimedia Studio, work with green screen and more.

For hobbies, Phil has too many. Blacksmithing, archery, Leatherworking, Wood Working, Jewelry, Sound Recording/editing and SCUBA diving. Phil is also learning to play the Bass.

Phil has been using linux at home for desktops and servers since 1994.


Ed Nicholson: DNSSEC DANE & NTPsec - Trust but Verify
DNSSEC DANE and NTPsec - The basic infrastructure of the Internet hasn't seen such significant improvement since Jon Postel's contributions to the original DNS RFCs. DNSSEC is operational authentication of information served by authoritative DNS servers. This is the dawn of the believable Internet. An important consequence has been the emergence of DANE or DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities. And that adds confidentiality to believability. Even as Internet naming gains this new robustness, similar efforts are improving our access to time services with the NTPsec project. While not all Internet infrastructure has left the era of blind trust, the names and times we depend on are now things we can verify. This presentation is about consuming and deploying DNSSEC DANE and NTPsec services.

About Ed:
Ed has been involved with Free Software for some time. His interests are in how people, organizations and populations use, create and experience information. He enjoys The Prescott National Forest as his "office" and The Valley of The Sun as a home away from home. Personal systems run either Fedora, Project Atomic, Android or OpenBSD.


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