We'll have 2 presentations at our Thursday meeting.  Joseph Sinclair will present Modern C++ on Linux and ​Ed Nicholson will present Project Atomic and Immutable Linux

Joseph Sinclair: Modern C++ on Linux

C++ today is very different from what it was just a few years ago. The revitalized and fast-moving (for ISO) standards process as well as major changes both to the language core and the standard library have produced almost a new language.
This presentation is a practitioner's perspective on the state of C++ development on Linux platforms today, the recent standards improvements, how "good" C++ idiom today looks almost nothing like "good" C++ from 15 year ago, and perhaps a bit about all the ways C++ code is done badly.
No slides, but some live code samples are possible.

Joseph Sinclair is a software engineer, long-time linux user, and general all-around tech head. He occasionally wonders what it would be like to dream in binary, and sometimes remembers that most people don't actually know what a convolution code is or why 8b10b encoding is important.

Ed Nicholson: Project Atomic and Immutable Linux

This presentation is about the changes to a system's life cycle as an Immutable Linux such as Fedora-Atomic.

Immutability of a system has been an objective for some time, and with good reason. The shift in deployments to containers has made this a critical feature for the stability and manageability of the large number of systems that support the services we have today. We will look at how this has resulted in some very basic changes to a typical systems life cycle and how easy it is for you to have your own container ready servers.

Ed has been involved with Free Software and how people, organizations and populations use, create and experience information. Ed enjoys The Prescott National Forest as his "office" and The Valley of The Sun as a home away from home. His personal systems run either Fedora, Project Atomic, Android or OpenBSD.


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