Donald McCarthy: Introduction to pfSense

In this presentation I will demonstrate the installation of pfSense from a USB stick including some basic configuration. There will also be some video and live demonstration of many of the features of pfSense. pfSense is more than just a firewall, it is a capable networking Swiss army knife which is generally only limited by the hardware and imagination of the user.

Andrew Harris: Why Your MTA Should Be Your CMS

There are many options for CMS solutions out there, but it's a tall order to select one and maintain it so that it's stable, performant, and secure. Website operators, sysadmins, and content creators are constantly having to deal with the same old problems of authentication, spam prevention, and general CRUD functionality. In this talk, I go through my journey in creating my own email-based CMS, and posit that many of the features we work so hard to build into our CMS solutions are already present in the MTA.

About Andrew:
Andrew is an SRE with a background in sysadmin and a love for the esoteric. He enjoys finding cheap, novel solutions to problems, and takes pride in his bash scripting skills. Once a resident of Phoenix and organizer of West-side PLUG Stammtische, Andrew now resides in Austin, TX with his partner and their small horse-like dog.

Attend the meeting by visiting on June 11th at 7pm MST

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