Donald ‘Mac’ McCarthy: Firewall Fundamentals and Network Segmentation with pfSense

This presentation will cover two fundamental steps in properly securing networks.

Firewalls are one of the most basic and universal network and security controls in a security engineer’s tool bag. We will cover some basic setup and rule creation with pfSense.

Network segmentation is critical for maximizing the effectiveness of security controls. We will discuss some strategies for segmenting networks, practical segmentation, segmentation challenges, and how to best deploy network controls within network segments.

About Mac:
Mac is a 17 year veteran of the IT industry. He has experience worked for organization ranging in size from 10 to 200,000+ employees. Mac has been involved in information security for the past 9 years with organizations in the academic, healthcare and financial, and public sectors. Mac is a linux enthusiast with a passion for using large compute clusters to help solve the most challenging problems in security analytics. He has given presentations globally on business email compromise and credentials stuffing. Mac currently serves as the Director of Field Operations for Open Source Context.