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  1. PLUG has two topics for August.

    Ed Nicholson - Technical Debts and Digital Assets

    Exploring the analogy of debt and real world financial obligations, as a context for a software's or system's life cycle. Debt and Software are both fundamentally types of Intangible Assets. This talk is an exploration of how the much older asset class, Debt, may be usefully applied in understanding the relative newcomers, Software and Systems.

    der.hans - Introduction to /etc/alternatives

    /etc/alternatives allows choosing among many programs to provide a certain functionality.
    For instance, editor can point the locally preferred text editor. alternatives will also make sure man-pages also match.
    Attendees will learn:

    What is /etc/alternatives
    Why is /etc/alternatives
    How to configure /etc/alternatives
    How to use helper scripts

    Thursday, 2018Aug09 at 19:00.

    251 North Desert Breeze Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

    The Free Software Stammtisch is a week from Tuesday.

  2. Thursday's PLUG meeting for July went well. We had a large crowd for mid-summer including lots of new faces.

    Announcements included an opening for teaching electronics at a local community college. The department head showed up, so I handed it over to him for descriptions of the classes and what they need. He's adamant about a GNU/Linux infrastructure being vital to the success of the program and has hired 4 previous instructors from PLUG.

    We also had someone return after many years living elsewhere. It was good to catch up some, and I look forward to longer conversations in the near future.

    First up I gave a new talk about federated social network Mastodon. I will follow up with a talk on ActivityPub in the Fall.

    Next, I gave my uMatrix talk, this time in English.

    Next month Ed will give a talk on Technical Debt.

    Tuesday is a resume review night at 18:00, followed by this month's Stammtisch at it's normal time of 19:00.

    Announcement on Mastodon.

    Thursday is PLUG's next security class. This month Aaron will be giving us an "Introduction to Shodan"

    Some upcoming Valley events include DevOpsDays Phoenix and CactusCon.

    The cfp for DevOpsDay Phoenix is still open. One of the DOD Phx organizers gave us an update, though she isn't participating as much this year due to time constraints from a new job.

    SeaGL's cfp for the November conference in Seattle is open as well. SeaGL has office hours at noon on Thursday's in July to help prospective speakers with their proposals.

  3. Software Freedom Day is an annual worldwide event celebrating and promoting Free Software. This year it's on Saturday, September 17th, which is our regularly scheduled Installfest.

    The Installfest is a perfect event for Software Freedom Day.

    It's is an event from PLUG and AZLoCo where we help people install GNU/Linux and learn more about Free Software.

    Please stop by the University of Advancing Technology on Software Freedom Day and participate.

    The following Tuesday is this month's Stammtisch. This month we're having a Family and Gaming night that starts an hour earlier than Stammtisch at 18:00.

    Next month we will be celebrating 20 years of KDE at our regularly scheduled east side meeting. Details coming soon.

  4. SEP is Someone Else's Problem, so for SEP 2016 PLUG is covering cloud, which is Someone Else's Computers.

    We have two talks about dynamically deploying systems. One is an introduction to OpenStack. The other is an overview on deploying dynamic HA environments with HashiCorp's tools.

    Cloud provides on demand capabilities via dynamic, elastic provisioning.

    Dynamic means that you can easily provision and reprovision tools to meet need, e.g. deploying a render farm, then deleting it and deploying an index engine.

    Elastic means capacity can grow and shrink as needed. Need another 20 systems for the next hour, just deploy them, then delete them.

    With a public cloud, the cloud provider provides the capacity for elastic capacity.

    With a private cloud, the company provides it's own hardware with sufficient excess capacity to absorb increases in capacity requirements.

    A hybrid model allows a company to have private cloud, but then use a public cloud for elastic increases beyond the company's private cloud capacities.

    Our third presentations is on Bluetooth beacons which allow you to tag physical locations for automatic actions. For instance, trigger an automatic phone sync when you get home or automagically turn on the garage light when you go into the garage.

    Swing by Thursday night and enjoy learning how to make it all Someone Else's Problem :).

    We go to BJs after the meeting to hang out and talk. Feel free to join us for that as well.


    PLUG 2016Sep event page

  5. Chris from Elastic's Kibana team will demo his not yet released project on Alerting and Rhythm ( a server metrics UI ).

    Ed will give us an intro to Eddystone Bluetooth Beacons. Perhaps he will talk about the insecurity of most

    Phil will give us a short review of his DEFCON trip. Speaking of DEFCON, perhaps Ed will talk about the insecurity of bluetooth smart locks.

    Thursday, 2016Aug11 @ 19:00 in Chandler.

    RSVP if you would like.

    Desert Breeze Substation - 251 North Desert Breeze Blvd 85226, Chandler, AZ

    Stammtisch is the following Tuesday.

    RSVP if you would like.

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