You are PLUG
PLUG is an all volunteer group. The people with the most say in the group are the ones that participate the most, so the members are the ones that decide what plug is.  It's as simple as that.

That being said there is some structure to the organization

Steering Committee
The steering committee mostly handles small decisions, calls special meetings and executes the decisions made in the meeting.  For the larger decisions the steering committee will call special meetings which usually occur before, during or after one of our regular meetings unless the issue is time sensitive in which case a special meeting will be called either in person or online.   Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings.
  • der.hans (Chairman)
  • Brian Cluff
  • Joseph Sinclair
  • Shawn Badger
  • Jill Rouleau

Meeting Hosts
The meeting hosts are the people in charge of arranging for their meeting location scheduling and setup.
  • PLUG East Meeting
    Shawn Badger and Chandler Police Department
  • Installfest
    Todd Cole-University of Advancing Technology
  • Stammtisch
    der.hans-Boulders on Southern
  • PLUG-Devel
    Ed Nicholson-University of Advancing Technology
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Upcoming Events

Sat Sep 02 @10:00AM
PLUG East Meeting
Thu Sep 14 @ 7:00PM
Sat Sep 16 @10:00AM
Free Software Stammtisch
Tue Sep 19 @ 7:00PM

AzLoCo Events

Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour
Thu Aug 24 @ 6:00PM
Ubuntu Hour Tempe Az
Thu Aug 24 @ 7:00PM
AZLOCO Weekly Meeting
Sun Aug 27 @ 9:00PM
Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour
Mon Aug 28 @ 6:00PM
Linux Installfest/Workshop
Sat Sep 02 @10:00AM

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